About Us

About Us

With a Quarter Century of Experience, Elegant, Sturdy and Unique Terrazzos.

Placco was born from the demands of terrazzo, a natural material with a historical significant, to be used as a natural product in buildings by both users and designers.

Placco, which has 25 years of knowledge and experience of Topaz Prekast behind it, with the production and processing techniques it has developed with its R&D center, produces cement-based terrazzo slabs without using any chemical binders such as epoxy, polyester and resin that are harmful to the environment and people.

Placco, which produces terrazzo in different colors and shapes for more elegant living spaces, takes steps to lead the market by constantly improving its production technologies.

What is Terrazzo?

It is an environmentalist coating product that means "terrace" in Italian and is estimated to have been found in Venice in the 16th century. Standing out with its features such as being durable, not repelling dirt and dust, and offering an original appearance, terrazzo today makes a difference indoors and outdoors with its wide area of use.


A Well-Based Story

Placco, which bases its story on solid foundations, crowns and proves its successes with the documents it has. Placco, which proved its quality before putting its product on the market with its Declaration of Performance certificate; It also shows the technical specifications and performance information of the product with the G Declaration of Conformity. Placco, which is the product of planned and systematic work, shows its quality management skills with ISO 9001, its competence in occupational health and safety with ISO 45001, and environmental sensitivity with ISO 14001; It also has TS 213 and TS 13631 standards.

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